Touring Services 

Over the last few years we have been providing tour support for Western Canada multi-city tours with Canadian and international groups.

This year we added a full size tour bus to our service giving us the ability to extend our touring support all the way to our Canadian east coast. 

The tour bus is a 40 foot MCI C3 102 Coach that has been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. 

The engine, cooling system & powertrain have been completely rebuilt. It comfortably sleeps 10 people, with bathroom, galley, two dining booths and work areas with on-board wi-fi. 

These improvements along with powertrain upgrades will afford us the ability to deliver years of solid reliable service at an affordable cost for our hard working artists.  

*7' x 14' Continental Cargo tandem trailer available upon request. 

If you would like to discuss your next coast to coast Canadian tour give us a call! 

*Check out some of our touring related pictures in the gallery.