What we do

Van-isle Backline Services is the Premier full service Backline company on Vancouver Island. 
Founded in 1996 we are owner operated and supported by an an experienced crew of industry specialists providing top quality equipment and services to professional musicians, theater & promoters. 
*Our services include
Professional comprehensive pre & post event load-in/load-out advance liasons with venues, production, tour managers and artists.
*Onsite delivery, load-in, set-up, and equipment function test. 
Our technicians remain onsite until sound-check is completed to assure artists satisfaction and provide technical assistance if needed.
*Post event
At the conclusion of the event our technicians work with and around the stage crew to efficiently strike and load-out the equipment in a timely fashion.
For any assistance you may need planning your next event, please don't hesitate to contact us. 
Van-isle Backline Services is commited to providing the very best in professional stage performance services anywhere.